Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Questions, questions and , yes, more questions

I read somewhere along the line that the kind of questions we ask determines the kind of life we lead.
Evidently because the questions may trigger its own set of answers, which may lead to certain actions and/or emotions- which may (or may not) get some sort of result for you.
I like asking questions. Always have. Sometimes to the chagrin of my parents as a child and of the teachers that had the pleasure (lol) of having me in their classroom. I remember one teacher being exasperated because I asked one too many questions. Makes me smile now because this same teacher was the one that taught me and my fellow classmates that "there is no such thing as a stupid question." Perhaps that holds some truth but I believe she failed to mention that quantity plays a big part in her patience for one that likes to ask questions.
She's probably long gone by now, she's up in the big old classroom in the sky, teaching the souls that didn't get to grow up here on this earth. If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I ask questions, some serious - some not so much and  I hope somewhere along the way, my questions get you to think about your life, your past and what you hope for your future. Whatever your life question is- I hope you find an answer.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So, I've been thinking about blogging and then I remembered that I already had a blog. I was blogging on another website and....decided that since I lost my job,  I didn't need the expense, so I closed it...and then remembered that I started THIS blog more than a year ago..... and..... coincidentally, it was more than a year ago since I've written anything.

SO- here I am. Broken hearted- no wait- that belongs to another rhyme. ;-)
I'm not broken hearted, actually, I am quite the opposite. Thanks for asking.

I do have something that has been on my mind. I started writing about it more than a year ago.
I do try to be kind- but sometimes it's seems a difficult thing to do - especially when there are people out there that seem to be bent on being unkind.

Today I was at Safeway on 7th Avenue and Osborn. I was looking at the meat that was on special. I actually had a package of meat in my hands. This elderly lady took it out of my hands to look at it herself. I was shocked and really annoyed as the exact same thing happened to me a few weeks ago at another store. I know we're suppose to respect our elders, at least that's how I was brought up  and it's something I raised my kids to believe as well, but I have to say that she was rude & nasty & I didn't want to take her pushing me around. She actually pushed me out of the way so she could get a greater gander at the meat. I, being rather annoyed, asked her if I could help her. She, with a really bitchy tone, stated she wants to  look at the meat. I, without thinking she was elderly but rather just rude, said to her that since she was 'knocking on death's door, let  me get out of your way.' I must admit, I felt badly for saying that for a brief moment but then my conscience was cleared when she
took  steps to invade my personal space and push me out of the way. Rude old lady!

Some elderly people think that because they are older that they have the right to be mean & nasty.
It's just something I suppose I'll have to live with.