Friday, October 13, 2017


As I was leaving work I was trying to decide what I wanted to do for dinner. I knew: NO WAY- NO HOW would I be cooking for only me. It’s a Friday night, I wanted to go someplace and enjoy the weather.  I wanted to sit on the patio. But I also knew that I would be sitting by myself, which isn’t such a big deal except when life throws you lemons and you don’t like lemonade – well, I just didn’t really want to think too much.

I decided to go to Pita Jungle. I sat on the patio and I picked a table furthest away from other patrons with the exception of a table where two ladies sat directly in my vision.  I love to people watch and I like to make up stories  in my head that may (but probably not) be their story. While I’m conjuring up a funny scenario about these two ladies I noticed that something was amiss in their conversation. One of them was expressing some strange body language. I figured maybe she had some stomach distress…  lol – I dunno. After a few minutes, she gets up and leaves. Leaving the other lady there alone looking so sad. As I’m trying to act as if I didn’t notice them, my food comes.  The lady asked me what it was that I ordered.  I told her it was the caramelized onion and cauliflower and asked her if she wanted to try it. She actually accepted my offer, picked up a (clean) fork and took a bite. It made me smile. NO ONE EVER TAKES ME UP ON AN OFFER LIKE THAT.  It was probably the first time I smiled today.  She asked me if I would mind if she sat and kept me company. I didn’t mind. She looked so sad and I figured, WTH, I got nuthin’ else to do – besides if I was able to make someone smile then I would have done my good deed for the day.

The more I spoke with her, the more information I got on the story of her and her friend, (I’ll call her #2 for the second lady). It turns out she has been trying to get together with her friend for quite a while. The friend (#2) was making excuses and changing the plans and canceling over and over again until finally, she agreed to meet her at a time that was during the workday. #2 didn’t work but the first lady does. So, she was able to talk her into meeting her a little bit later which would be immediately after work. Lady # 1 was excited to share her news of a new job and other exciting events in her life. # 2, with the weird body language, seemed disinterested and left after only a few minutes. I don’t know for how long she was there before I sat down.

The more she told me, the more interested I became and quite frankly forgot about all that has been heavy on my mind.
She asked me what I thought of people that are supposed to be your friend but never find time to see you. She said she was hurt because this was on her schedule and assumed she’d at least have an hour or two to spend sharing with her friend. She also mentioned it wasn’t the first time she has done this to her and was wondering if there was something wrong with her. She actually asked me if I thought there was something wrong with her. She clearly was struggling. I sat there listening to her and then decided to introduce myself. I then said that I have a knack for being blunt, so because she asked me a question, I feel obligated to inform her that if I was going to tell her what I thought, she should know my name. She smiled and said that she appreciated the candor. 
I proceeded to tell her words that I’ve read before but never put two & two together. I said if people want to be in your life, they will make time to be in your life.  I also said we always look to blame ourselves for the reason why people choose not to place value on us or on a friendship.  We don’t have to be the reason why (well, not always) the reason why a friendship has an expiration date.  I then asked her why she thought it important to spend her time with someone who clearly wanted to be elsewhere? I told her, I believe people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime.


We chatted for a while longer then we said goodbye. I was thinking that maybe, as we hear so often EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.

 She & I didn’t meet because she needed someone to talk to, no. We met because I needed it.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Small World. No really…It’s A Small World After All

While reading Facebook posts I get a really big kick out of seeing people from my different worlds merge. I see a more than occasional ‘like’ or ‘share’ and even ‘post’ a reply on their respective page.  I say different worlds because I had several different clubs, as it were, for which I was merrily involved. 

Friends from 'da hood. Living downtown WAY before the tunnel was built we had blocks & blocks of kids running and playing ditch'em until the street lights came on. Sandy Holland, Evie Kellett, Susan & Teresa Fox. We lived on the same street, just one or two houses away. Paulette Goodfriend lived one blocked north 2 blocks west. We became friends because our older brothers met first. We're all connected via Facebook.

There was my grade school, Kenilworth. Although not really a ‘club’ it was what seems like another lifetime ago. It was a school. Young kids learning about life, friendships, silly grade school crushes with a little reading, writing & arithmetic thrown in. 
There were friends that we’ve lost through the years, whether it be just life or…just life - and death. The life of grade school friends that have resurfaced because of Facebook seems to be (to me) equally important because they helped shape who we have become.  
Steve Strutton, Bill Moody, Vincent Ala, Linda Stolzke. Grade school chums (really, I have NEVER used the word CHUMS before) that I quite literally have not seen since Kenilworth. Always dear to me, but before Facebook seemed only a memory from my youth.

Stephen Alford, Dino Bazan, Janelle Mull, Loretta Salazar, Tina Manley, Andy Androsuik, Leslie Lynn, Mari Giddings, people that I hadn’t seen since grade school or briefly in high school until we had a luncheon last year. THAT was so fun. Great memories brought back to present time. 

There are my Strumming Amigos. A life that is also another lifetime ago. When I started taking guitar lessons from my second**  guitar teacher.  A man so dear to my heart that thinking of him makes me tear up. Bob Diaz, teacher extraordinaire, Director of the Strumming Amigo’s actually worked  briefly for my dad in the carpet business. Although I am not certain in what capacity or duration of his employment. 

Yep, a small world. 

My  Amigo’s, I mean, my Friends from so many grade, middle & high schools around the valley became another tool in how our lives were forming.
Judy Honig, Leslie Lundquist, Amber Williams, Cheryl Dominguez, Sandra Dominguez, Virginia Martin, Rick Villa, Ruben Johnson, Torsiello's, the Chase's, Debbie Baker, Maureen Finnerty, Debbie/Dillon Powers, Kimmie Mar, Kim Feldman, Kip Adams, Joe Hernandez, Eleanor, the Mattsons, Darlene....OH SO MANY, please forgive me if I forgot your name. It's been so very long! You are part of me always. The Amigo's that came after the originals. Have been connected thanks to FB & Bob Diaz.

My West High friends, some older, some younger but all with the same connection, we are THUNDERBIRDS – ♪♪There they go- to conquer the foe…
This Facebook thang… it’s awesome.  I see my Amigo friends with high school friends that I think to myself, WOW, what a small world, but in this case,  some of my Amigos actually ended up at my high school where my grade school, Amigos and high school friends collide. How fun is that?
I see Ruben Johnson , Kipper Adams, my Amigo’s before we were T-birds liking and posting on younger siblings (Livensparkers from Kenilworth) of my younger sibling Billy. But I forget. They were friends before this FACEBOOK thing became huge, I just didn’t realize this connection is vast.

My Mary Moppet 'club'. Yes, me, the one that refuses to grow (okay I refuse to be an adult) worked at a day care center where I met a lovely girl  Mari Stuart, that shared so many fun days playing with the day care kids and, turns out our connection  was her sister who dated my Strumming Amigo brother, Steve Olea. 

Small world.

My Phoenix College "club"?? Met Mark Carlson and years later reconnected through radio.   Me at KEZ Radio and he as an astute writer for AP.  I came across the name Mark Carlson many times while in the news room and often wondered if he was THE Mark Carlson. Turns out. It was, he is....and to this day he makes me feel important. 

My banking 'club'. Friends that taught me my trucker vocabulary (If I say that as if  am proud- well, I AM!). I led a really sheltered life. I knew nothing about EVERYTHING. Is THAT correct?  Hmmm, Let me try that again.  There is nothing of which I knew anything. Huh?? They taught me much. It’s fun to see them on Facebook. I see and am happily  friends with a man whose mother taught me much about banking and life in general. Marie Jesberger was her name and sadly we lost her a few years ago.  I loved making Marie laugh. She made going to work fun because she was so much fun. Kind, stern & decent and full of beans! When I was pregnant with my first child, she made me a baby blanket and a baby bibb that had the name BARF on it because I was sick the whole pregnancy, and that’s what I name our unborn child because that’s all I did. I still have it. It means the world to me, just like Marie means the world to me. I like to think that she was instrumental in getting me connected with her son because his name would frequently appear as someone I may know on my news feed. So I sent him a friend request.  We actually spoke and he confirmed for me that my feelings about his mom were reciprocated. Made me cry. You never know what kind of effect you may have on people you admire. Jodi Leduc is another friend I met working at the bank and has been a constant reminder of how blessed I am. I can't be THAT terrible of a person if someone as lovely as Jodi KNOWS me and still allows me to be her friend. I wish that kind of friendship for everyone.

Friends that I met through the friends of my kids. To be more specific, their parents (it seems there's a circle of grade school life here). There are people you have connections with, and I don’t mean you’re connected on a social media website, I mean a good, heartfelt connection. They are people we were supposed to meet.

Cousins that I lost contact with. Turns out a few of them have connections with some from my other ‘clubs’. 

Yes, small world.

My ever so fun RADIO 'club'. KEZ Radio. What a life! Best job ever. Met the best people ever. Diane Bonilla, it’s strange how we met and became friends, didn’t really work together but met through our love of radio. And yes, we have quite a few mutual friends. Marty Manning, EVERYONE’S friend. So many connections. Donna Tardy, and her parents who were actually neighbors to a friend that owns a diner(5th Ave Café, on Thomas, check it out). We didn’t realize our connection until a few weeks ago.
I’m still connected to quite a few people and I am friends with a few of the celebs and LISTENERS I was lucky enough to meet.  Cyndi Suttle, Cathy Greco, Calista Jill. I am a lucky girl. I am friends with the most amazing people! Oh, yeah, Rich-BITE ME- Bauer. I met him through my radio 'club'.

Small world. 

Friends that I met through 'clubs' of my friends. Katie Derksen Tourville was Boberts first friend. They lost touch and she being the true blonde, (heh heh) didn't realize how important she was to him. I am blessed to have found a GREAT friend through my hubby. She also knows quite a few of the people for whom I am already close. 

Small world.

There are, of course, friends that have been a constant reminder that we walk in circles not alone.  (WTH, Yoda not am I.... Something to do talk in circles not - - -WHAT!?!).  I am blessed to have too many friends to mention, although I can mention a few that are on my daily prayer list.... that, of course includes my hubby, Maggie, Anna and Sandy, Vee and Mikey, Diana and Tom, Lona.....y'all didn't know that, huh?! Whilst planning our 40th  HS Reunion it has given me an opportunity to get to know Kelly & John Gerard. If not for our little FB Club, that might not have happened. They are nice, kind people. We have FB, but I hope to stay connected other than virtually. 

As I stated in the first paragraph, I get excited to see people in my ‘clubs’ merge with people from their ‘clubs’ and I wonder how else we may be connected.  What other clubs might we share? I hope they know they are instrumental in making this world a happier place. I hope I can bring as much happiness to others. I hope you know YOU  have brought happiness to my club(s), for that, I thank you!

Yes, A small world. This started out as me being excited that I see my clubs intertwining with other clubs. But it turns out there's so much more to this.
Food For Thought and I am certain I won't be able to word it exactly as it is shouting in my head but I hope you understand where I'm coming from.

On Facebook we have friend requests, we can block people for whatever reason(s), we can follow, unfollow, we can post, like, love, laugh and poke. We can be connected to people all over the world. Why can't we just get along in the real world?  If on Facebook we can have so many different clubs, pages, friends that get along happily, why can't we do that in the real world?

Just wondering.

Hey, wanna join my happy club?

**My first guitar teacher was an old, old grouchy man that smelled of campho phenique. Hmm, I don’t remember anything else about him. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Chief Biscuit Butterer, Creator of Happiness, Sock Sorter? I dunno _ I just want a job!

SO.....sometimes  you win and sometimes you  learn.....and sometimes someone else's life is a reason for you to grow.
Some know (some don't & perhaps some  don't care) that I have had a completely different job change. I was, for most of my adult life, in radio. I knew from the time I was 6 years old THAT was where I was supposed to be. I loved every minute of it. I was happy. So happy! Many changes and many lessons later I found myself working for a surgeon that took a chance on this old radio girl. I have been the office manager, medical assistant, clinical admin support/patient relations and office smart ass for this wonderfully gifted & kind surgeon. I call him boy genius. It is just he & I in the office so, yep, I was employee of the month - every month.

Life happens and a great opportunity for this boy genius is taking him to Newport Beach, California. Although I had an offer to go with him, at this time in my life - it’s not feasible. SO, I find myself searching for my next great adventure.  (And YES that sucks!) I am sad that I will no longer be working for Dr. Michael Demeure as he has become a good friend. I’m excited for what life will bring. Actually, that’s a lie. It’s damn scary and I’d be lying if I said I am not worried. They say they don’t age discriminate but I believe they do. The reason I am sharing this with you is - if you know of anyone searching for a position to fill within their company, I am asking you to please let me know….or let them know. I wear many hats and I am trainable – just like a good puppy – (I hardly ever poop on the carpet )  and although I am not 20ish, I still have quite a few years left in me.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Time Flies - Tell Them You Love Them!

July 1st.

The year is half gone. Time flies. 

My head is full of so many thoughts. It feels like one of those little dart guns, or maybe it's a water gun. Thoughts keep shooting by and before it lands anywhere another thought has taken off. So please bear with me as I try to put to "paper" (ain't that an old phrase) my thoughts, which as already stated, are many.

The days are long but the years are short.

What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

I think it’s important to think about years past, even a month or two, things change. People have entered or exited our life. People die. Friends pass on. 

I received an email from (Cari’s sister) Betzi today. She was kind enough to send me the video from Cari’s Memorial Service and of some of her ashes being spread. It was a beautiful video.
I am grateful to see Cari with so much life, having so very much fun. And to see her being laid to rest where she loved to be was for me, very moving.

I learned today that:

We think we have time. 

We go day by day thinking life doesn’t change. We get up, work all day and day by day nothing changes, but if we look back at years past, things are different.

 Cari and I had a friendship from years gone by. Friends from when we were wee kids. Friends from before we celebrated  six years of life. As adults we led different lives. My heart never grew out of love with her. Yes, we knew each other from simpler times, but our friendship never changed. As her husband told me, the love Cari had for me was so deep in her heart. It is mutual.  My heart is hurting because my love for her was deep. Everytime I think this, I shed tears.

 I received a call from Cari’s phone about a month after she passed away….it freaked me out. I was in Costco, quietly losing my mind as I do whenever I shop Costco, but this was a different freak out. My friend is calling me from the other side. It was her husband calling to tell me how much I meant to Cari. How much she loved me and how he loved hearing stories about us. I needed to hear that. True love, true friendship - perhaps souls that never lose touch. Whatever it is I was blessed for knowing Cari, she lived life (and from the video), I can see she had opportunities to make great memories.

Your time as a caterpillar has expired. Your wings are ready.

Cari will always be deep in my heart. As will my handful of friends that I am so lucky to have. Grateful they put up with me and my weirdness.

Betzi, thank you for sending the videos, Mark, thanks for the phone call. And YOU.. thanks for reading!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

It’s Just Part Of Life. Life. Death…and Mountain Dew!

I’ve led a pretty sheltered life.  My parents wanted to keep us busy & out of trouble.
My parents needn’t have worried – I was a good kid, as were all the kids I hung around …we maybe were a bit ornery but we were good kids….and FUN!

I’ve always thought that I was really fortunate because the friends I made as a young child, are still my friends today. I have lifelong friends…friends that I met BEFORE Kindergarten (Paulette Goodfriend) and friends that I met IN Kindergarten, Anna Holmquist,  Becky Hoitinga, and Cari Bliklen. I feel we have a special bond. Always near & dear to my heart…ALWAYS.
This is important to me because as we go about our lives, we tend to forget how quickly the years pass.

Grade school, high school, college, marriages, kids, work….life gets busy. We blink and 40 years have passed. 

It’s just part of life.
One of the things that I know is true – that come hell or high water (where the hell did that phrase come from?) I KNEW that either January 10th or May 6th I would be chatting with my lifelong friendthat’s what we did.  Every year from the day (almost) that telephones were invented. As if no time had passed at all – she was THAT kind of friend. Yes, there were times when we’d speak more frequently, kids being born or new family members – other family matters that seemed important only to us – but FOR sure on January 10th (Cari’s birthday) & May 6th, (my birthday) we’d be playing catch up....every year!
I wondered why I hadn’t heard from Cari yesterday. May 6, my birthday. She must’ve been busy- I get that…never did I think the reason was because she didn’t want to make the call. She couldn’t. My lifelong friend had passed away ….on my birthday.  
As I am waiting at Walgreen’s for my prescriptions to (oddly enough) keep me focused – I take out my phone. I open up Facebook and the very first thing that pops up is a posting from Betzi Bliklen.  As I read her posting  - I am in shock – I can’t believe what I am reading… it can’t be true. But NOW it makes sense.
Cari’s sister, Betzi, posted that Cari passed away. I am in shocked as I try to process that I have lost yet another friend that I love so much.  
THIS part of life sucks! 
It’s just so strange to me. I can’t help but think that timing is everything. The second ( REALLY AT THAT MOMENT) I open my phone Betzi had posted the sad news. I think Cari wanted me to know.
I’m missing my friend, trying to process this terrible news. My mind takes me back to grade school. Ornery, sweet (damn it) kids being kids. I have a tons of Cari & Lisa stories. I was in awe of Cari. She was the classic ‘girl next door’ beautiful. Tall, thin, freckles (that she hated back then)..she was popular, kind, funny and all the boys loved her.. We’d hang out at her house. She lived north of McDowell. I lived south of McDowell. Although there were some that made a big deal of who lived on which side of McDowell, I never felt that they looked down on me. The Bliklen’s were the nicest people. Cari has a sister, Betzi, a few years older....that I thought was equally nice. I always wanted a sister, if I had one, I wanted her to be like Betzi. Betzi would always have a package of chocolate chips, the kind you put in cookies, (I’m laughing thinking of this) I thought she was the coolest person ever- how lucky that she had chocolate chips… and offered me some. WOW she was cool!! Cari would laugh at me for being so weird..she had a sister, I didn't. I wanted a sister and she'd tell me I could have Betzi. Betzi with the chocolate chips!
In 7th grade, Cari & I were alone in the hallway after school. We noticed the teacher’s lounge was open…so what did we do? We went in and helped ourselves to two bottles of Mountain Dew. YIKES! We were sly. We felt so terribly guilty that we decided to replace the Mountain Dew the very next day. We probably should’ve thought things through and waited until after school to put them back. But we didn’t want to keep the pop with us all day. We took it as soon as we got to school that morning and…yep -  we got caught putting it back in the teacher’s lounge. The Principal was "very disappointed" in us which made us feel even worse. Oddly, I quit drinking pop in 7th grade. I don’t know if that incident had anything to do with it.
When we were 10 years old, we would walk to Park Central. The main shopping mall. We’d walk up 3rd Ave and just have fun. It was a good 2 miles or so. We bought our very first 45’s together. Her taste in music was different from mine. She bought GET READY by RARE EARTH.  I’m buying Carpenter’s Close to You (this before Barry Manilow). Yep, different taste in music.
This is our Kindergarten class picture. Cari is in the star. Anna, Becky and myself are in the oval circles. Time passes so very quickly. 

So many stories, I loved her so. “Lifelong friend”? I’m not ready to say that because she is no longer on this earth that we are no longer friends. That doesn't seem fair. Because one passes away _ does that mean we are no longer friends?  “Lifelong friends” now sounds too short a time. Cari and I will be friends forever. She’s just in a happier, healthier place now....and I am heartbroken.

Cari, I love you, I miss you….be happy my friend.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry, Merry Christmas?! But Que Sera Sera Darlin'

Oh sheesh. It is two days until Christmas. I like to think the loving spirit of the season would - at the very least – hold until the day after Christmas.

Here is what happened while I was trying my hardest not to let the rude people get to me. I see myself pushing back.. that can't be good, can it?

December23. I left my job in Scottsdale to go to my other job downtown. I decided I wanted to take soup that I can enjoy at my desk. I figured it would be easy to go to AJ’s on Scottsdale road and Lincoln.

Well, let’s see, if it’s the Christmas season and people get nuts, add to that, a bit of chill in the air & sprinkles from the really beautiful clouds. I love chilly weather. I don’t love how it turns people into idiots!

If you’re familiar with AJ’s on Scottsdale road and Lincoln, you know the parking is just okay. Not a really big lot and they share the lot with others on the premises. As parking goes, it’s not terribly crowded, I mean, they allow ample space for each vehicle (what’s it supposed to be 8 feet per space?- I dun no) and for the  people that have been driving longer than they should (elderly), well, there’s plenty of room for vehicles to pass each other. Well, usually there's enough room.

Today, though, with all the people trying to get into the store, none of the extra parking lot room mattered. There was someone trying to back out of a parking space that was holding up the line of cars that were trying to pass.

While that person was backing up, so was a car directly behind it.  Well, now we have a standoff. Who gets to go first? Remember there are several cars waiting. I am one of them at the end. I, however see a lady coming out of the store and while the people in front of me are wondering how to let each other go first, I decide to wait for the lady that is parked just next to where I am stuck in line.

The nice lady puts her groceries in her car and then proceeds to take her cart back to its proper place – (that reminds me, do you do that? Do you return the shopping cart? Most of the time I leave it in the area designated for carts, sometimes I leave it next to the space- other times I take it back- hmm,- sorry ..Focus-focus-focus)

Anyway, in order for this nice lady to back out of her space, she needed a bit more room.  I try to back up and the person behind me edges closer to me & starts honking her horn. She doesn’t let up on the horn. The lady who was trying to leave is stuck, I am stuck because the car in front of me was still waiting for the nimrods ahead of them to decide who gets to go first. While this lady is still honking her horn, she yells out her window  “move it Darlin’”-  I was taken aback. I put my car in park. I get out of my car and walk over to this elderly lady. She again, YELLING “MOVE-IT DARLIN’” also throws me her tall finger telling me I AM NUMBER 1. I am a bit shocked and very much amused now. I get to her window, I am smiling because, well this old broad made me laugh. I look at her and she reminds me of a Doris Day look alike but with a mouth on her. White hair- chin length, with bangs. She is in a newer model Cadillac and has no intentions to move and let me back up so the lady can leave. I am trying to be pleasant, truth is I am amused and I inform her that, although I am certain she is in a hurry all she is doing by refusing to move, is holding up everyone because this lady is trying to leave and she can’t if she’s blocked in.  In her ever so raspy voice says again to me “ just move it DAR-lihn –come on- come one jussst MOOOVEEE ITTTT!!!!!” ( I think I am still smiling), I say to her that I can’t move because I am blocked. If she could move  back a few feet, I am more than happy to let the lady leave her parking space so I may pull in and get out of her way. She says. “oh no, you can’t have the parking space, it’s  mine”. I ask how she figures it’s hers (now it’s the principal of the matter, normally I wouldn’t argue about stupid shit but this, was,..well fun! She was being ridiculous... and a tad obnoxious). 

SIDE NOTE: I didn’t mention above that the parking lot was quite full and that was my second time around the lot looking for a parking space. So, ya see, I am not letting this old broad have my space when she was so rude.

As I am waiting for her reply on how she figures it’s her parking space, I inform her that  I believe people of a certain age do, indeed, deserve certain perks- however her attitude negates my belief at that very moment and if it were indeed HER parking space, how come I was in front of her, closer to the space?
She didn't have an answer for that exact question.

This old broad reminded me of people that have money & feel a sense of entitlement. I know some peeps like that and I can tell- based on my experience with them- they aren’t happy. So, letting her have this parking space wasn’t going to make a bit of difference to the Que Sera Sera double. Whatever will be, will be - is going through my head. I’m still laughing (is that funny only in my head?).

She’s still yelling at me. I get back in my car and turn my wheel so although I am backing up, it’s at an angle where she doesn’t have to move.  It also gave me better angle to pull into the parking space.

I’d like to say that Doris calmed down, truth is, I think she left. I would’ve given up the parking space, but her attitude really made me think she is used to getting her way – and I needed to get to work. Perhaps if she'd been a sweet little old lady it would've been different. 
I'd like to think it would've been different.. I am sweet damn it! but don't push my buttons and expect me to just give in because  a pushy old broad  called me Darlin'..
Wait that didn't come out right. Oh well.  It's done- NOW.. I'm Movin' on.









Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Perry Damone - A Child Of God - We all are Children of God…Perry is HOME. Miss you already

December 9, 2014 Perry is now with his beloved mom. 

Perry Damone.

Know him? To know him is to love him.  Perry never had a negative comment to say about anyone, even if they hurt him or did him wrong. No, my Per-bear, as I called him because he gave amazing hugs, was kind to everyone.  He found the good in people – even when it took others (a long) time to find the good in people, he FELT the good.  We would have conversations about our life experiences, some of these experiences were pretty painful.  I would want to verbally “take care” of whomever hurt my Per-bear. I was the one with the mouth, not Perry. He would very calmly tell me that “it is what it is”…. “live & learn…..We want people to be happy…we want to move on and forgive.”  He would chuckle as I used my very colorful & descriptive words to get my point across on how I felt about forgiving rude people.  He would tell me that you can’t go through life worried about how these people hurt you. Yes it hurts, but you gotta move past it.  I always thought he is much too nice to people that don’t deserve his kindness.

Perry’s passion was radio…and kids…combine the two and you have Kidstar Radio. He had a vision to build the self-esteem of kids and give them a direction for which they can grow & be proud.  He put real working radio stations in schools that was run by kids.  Who didn’t want to have that kind of experience? Perry was a broadcaster,  a DJ with  very kind heart, a personality that everyone loved. Bringing his love of people to the airwaves. He wanted to share his love.

Perry (named after the smooth voice crooner Perry Como) also loved to sing…and could he sing! Back in the old days when radio was fun  (at the “little nickel & dime radio station” -a description, the late great Bill Austin would use to describe the station)   - we would regularly go to The Native New Yorker on 70th St & Shea  and do the karaoke thing.  Perry’s best friend, Frank & Kathy Sinclair had  a karaoke business that was so very much fun. Perry sang quite a few songs with all the love in his heart. One of his songs he regularly sang was Frank Sinatra’s “I’ve Got You Under my Skin”…. I loved listening to him sing. His dad, Vic, may have been the singer in his family but I tell ya, Perry had a voice that was so smooth that people stopped just to hear him sing.  Yep, the good ‘ol days. I miss those days…I will miss my Perry more.  I will miss him so very much.  Per, I know you’re in Heaven, you are with your mom, I am sure of it…it’s been waaaay too long that you’ve seen your mom.  I know we don’t have here on earth what glorious unearthly possessions you now have with our Heavenly Father, but I do wish I had more time with you. We had more to discuss, more to laugh, to love. I will miss you, my friend, my sweet, kind, gentle friend. Loving you more than you know!

Side note: (Actually this is a BOTTOM note as it’s at the bottom)
My heart is broken. Truly broken. I’m so unbelievably sad. I knew the day was near, I thought I would at least get to see him one more day. That was my plan.  He was in hospice located in the same parking lot with the doctor I work for in Scottsdale… the same parking lot! It was perfect - if you can call it that. Actually perfect would've been Perry being cured, but God had plans.

I have always expressed my feelings through music, I used to write, occasionally play and sing, but always listen.  Ya know how you hear everything happens for a reason? I couldn’t hear the music. My friend is gone and as I am trying to digest this huge loss, I couldn’t hear the music that so loudly plays in my brain.  I open my phone to call Kathy & Frank Sinclair, I needed to connect with them – they are my connection to Per, but my Facebook was open, which is really weird because it shouldn’t have been. I am happy it was because what popped up in the news feed was JUST what I needed.  My Richie posted something that reminded me that I do have Faith.  Perry had  Faith, he loved our God. So this song written so many years ago by Bob Diaz, my dear friend and guitar teacher was perfect…. it touches my heart and just so happen to be what I needed. Niños de Dios – Children Of God.  Perry is, we all are Children of God. Love of our God, that’s all we are – love of our God, we want to be.  Small as we are, babes in arms, growing strong  growing tall to heed the Lords call…
Children of God that's all we are,  Children of God we want to be...soon we'll be old and all alone
Waiting for God to rest our soul.

 Beautifully written
Bob Diaz, Richie Diaz, Thank you for posting.. I encourage you to listen to this song  - click the link below – it’s beautiful.