Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry, Merry Christmas?! But Que Sera Sera Darlin'

Oh sheesh. It is two days until Christmas. I like to think the loving spirit of the season would - at the very least – hold until the day after Christmas.

Here is what happened while I was trying my hardest not to let the rude people get to me. I see myself pushing back.. that can't be good, can it?

December23. I left my job in Scottsdale to go to my other job downtown. I decided I wanted to take soup that I can enjoy at my desk. I figured it would be easy to go to AJ’s on Scottsdale road and Lincoln.

Well, let’s see, if it’s the Christmas season and people get nuts, add to that, a bit of chill in the air & sprinkles from the really beautiful clouds. I love chilly weather. I don’t love how it turns people into idiots!

If you’re familiar with AJ’s on Scottsdale road and Lincoln, you know the parking is just okay. Not a really big lot and they share the lot with others on the premises. As parking goes, it’s not terribly crowded, I mean, they allow ample space for each vehicle (what’s it supposed to be 8 feet per space?- I dun no) and for the  people that have been driving longer than they should (elderly), well, there’s plenty of room for vehicles to pass each other. Well, usually there's enough room.

Today, though, with all the people trying to get into the store, none of the extra parking lot room mattered. There was someone trying to back out of a parking space that was holding up the line of cars that were trying to pass.

While that person was backing up, so was a car directly behind it.  Well, now we have a standoff. Who gets to go first? Remember there are several cars waiting. I am one of them at the end. I, however see a lady coming out of the store and while the people in front of me are wondering how to let each other go first, I decide to wait for the lady that is parked just next to where I am stuck in line.

The nice lady puts her groceries in her car and then proceeds to take her cart back to its proper place – (that reminds me, do you do that? Do you return the shopping cart? Most of the time I leave it in the area designated for carts, sometimes I leave it next to the space- other times I take it back- hmm,- sorry ..Focus-focus-focus)

Anyway, in order for this nice lady to back out of her space, she needed a bit more room.  I try to back up and the person behind me edges closer to me & starts honking her horn. She doesn’t let up on the horn. The lady who was trying to leave is stuck, I am stuck because the car in front of me was still waiting for the nimrods ahead of them to decide who gets to go first. While this lady is still honking her horn, she yells out her window  “move it Darlin’”-  I was taken aback. I put my car in park. I get out of my car and walk over to this elderly lady. She again, YELLING “MOVE-IT DARLIN’” also throws me her tall finger telling me I AM NUMBER 1. I am a bit shocked and very much amused now. I get to her window, I am smiling because, well this old broad made me laugh. I look at her and she reminds me of a Doris Day look alike but with a mouth on her. White hair- chin length, with bangs. She is in a newer model Cadillac and has no intentions to move and let me back up so the lady can leave. I am trying to be pleasant, truth is I am amused and I inform her that, although I am certain she is in a hurry all she is doing by refusing to move, is holding up everyone because this lady is trying to leave and she can’t if she’s blocked in.  In her ever so raspy voice says again to me “ just move it DAR-lihn –come on- come one jussst MOOOVEEE ITTTT!!!!!” ( I think I am still smiling), I say to her that I can’t move because I am blocked. If she could move  back a few feet, I am more than happy to let the lady leave her parking space so I may pull in and get out of her way. She says. “oh no, you can’t have the parking space, it’s  mine”. I ask how she figures it’s hers (now it’s the principal of the matter, normally I wouldn’t argue about stupid shit but this, was,..well fun! She was being ridiculous... and a tad obnoxious). 

SIDE NOTE: I didn’t mention above that the parking lot was quite full and that was my second time around the lot looking for a parking space. So, ya see, I am not letting this old broad have my space when she was so rude.

As I am waiting for her reply on how she figures it’s her parking space, I inform her that  I believe people of a certain age do, indeed, deserve certain perks- however her attitude negates my belief at that very moment and if it were indeed HER parking space, how come I was in front of her, closer to the space?
She didn't have an answer for that exact question.

This old broad reminded me of people that have money & feel a sense of entitlement. I know some peeps like that and I can tell- based on my experience with them- they aren’t happy. So, letting her have this parking space wasn’t going to make a bit of difference to the Que Sera Sera double. Whatever will be, will be - is going through my head. I’m still laughing (is that funny only in my head?).

She’s still yelling at me. I get back in my car and turn my wheel so although I am backing up, it’s at an angle where she doesn’t have to move.  It also gave me better angle to pull into the parking space.

I’d like to say that Doris calmed down, truth is, I think she left. I would’ve given up the parking space, but her attitude really made me think she is used to getting her way – and I needed to get to work. Perhaps if she'd been a sweet little old lady it would've been different. 
I'd like to think it would've been different.. I am sweet damn it! but don't push my buttons and expect me to just give in because  a pushy old broad  called me Darlin'..
Wait that didn't come out right. Oh well.  It's done- NOW.. I'm Movin' on.










  1. Noted.... never call you d'rling....

  2. Noted.... never call you d'rling....

  3. Lol! I love your perspective on life! Well done darlin'!!!

  4. Lol! I love your perspective on life! Well done darlin'!!!