Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lucky Girl Am I To Have Such Kind Peeps In MY World


My hubby came up stairs and started speaking to me in a tone that scared me. Yep, generally /usually Boberts is just a smart ass…kind hearted, but a smart ass. In fact, we joke that I wish I could find the “off button” on him because he always  has a smart ass remark or something silly to say. Boberts  always makes me laugh…but I digress…

Bob sits me down and says to me that he knows I feel that not many people care for me, (yeah, I don’t really want to get into THAT right now) but  that I should just take a step back and open a package that he received for me.

In my last blog entry I lamented about my youngest daughter moving to  ‘frickin’ Colorado’.   I was – still am - very sad(wait- I only used one  ‘very’, I should've used two - -so,  I am VERY, VERY SAD) over this move, I can’t even speak to her because it hurts so much.  I received many messages from family, close friends and some not so close friends telling me that it’ll be okay (honestly, I don’t know what they mean by  “it’ll”, but hopefully they’re right).   I received some texts & phone calls expressing concern,  some with empathy and some telling me to get over it –well, ONE  telling me to get over it (I realize they -the mean person- is entitled to his opinion- but he could've kept his mouth shut....should've kept his mouth shut- because all he did was piss me off. (You know who you are & it’s no secret because I told you it pissed me off, you, btw don’t even have kids so I have no use for your mean words)….crud- I digress - - A G A I N …
….Through all these incredible kind sentiments from people that actually took the time to let me know how they feel  -  that they, too, have been through it,  the pain lessens and that they are thinking and praying for me.  I must admit - now that Boberts has brought it to my attention -  I am incredibly blessed  to have so very many good people in my life….people – family & friends- that reached out to me & touched my heart. You are so kind! I thank you from the bottom of my butt (it's bigger than my heart).

One friend, I won’t embarrass her by telling you her name, actually  bought the DVD  FINDING NEMO  and had it delivered to me via, my hubby….(this is the package mentioned above)… YOU brought tears to my eyes with your very kind gesture. I won’t  mention her name but C…thank you- I thank you & F so much for thinking of me.

That is the most kind thing you could’ve done. Now, I’ll watch it, cry about Nemo, I mean Ari, and know that someone, a friend actually took the time to make me feel the love.

I am, I can’t deny it, an incredibly lucky girl to have so many wonderful people in my life!

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

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