Saturday, March 2, 2013

Another Bites The Dust? What's That REALLY Mean?

Today is another day where my hubby and I attend another wedding (of a friend of one of our kids).
THESE kids – whom we've known since just after uteri-  (and) we count as one of our own. Greg Lindsay, ever the personable, handsome & charismatic soul, approached my husband & I when he was only 5 years old: “Hello Mr. & Mrs. Aguilar, I’m Greg Lindsay, William’s best friend”.  I should point out that this was the first day of kindergarten for both of the boys. It’s true, they've been best buds since that day 20 plus years ago.

As I reflect on the years gone by, I can’t help but be a bit nostalgic about what has transpired all these years. They've gone through Kindergarten & worked their way through Middle School, High School & College. Have they changed? Well, I wouldn't be truthful if I said no. Trends come & go, they find other friends they may have more in common with, but when it comes down to it, lifelong friends are, well, lifelong. Greg & William have this bond that will always be there. The first day of kindergarten, all those years ago…..
Greg will be married today to a beautiful girl named Michelle. I’m excited for their new life together.

My son? My son has a wonderful woman in his life as well. Rebekah has shown that when you
love the world, you become a catalyst for change. She has so much love in her heart… I love that!!
Will they spend the rest of their life together? I dunno…it’s not for me to decide…nor is it my decision for my girls, Meghan & Ariana to spend their lives with their awesome guys (Shaun & Jake, respectively). They all have found kind, decent partners. I wish for all of my kids, wherever their individual roads take them, that they are respectful, loved & happy. What more can we hope for our kids when facing this world??

Greg & Michelle, Enjoy your special day….

To my kids, Meg, Will, Ree, Shaun, Rebekah & Jake…
Whatever your paths - - may you seek fulfillment and happiness…..and always be in love!!!

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