Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Who Knew The Original Ewok Was My 8th Grade Teacher

Miss Schmucker's Kindergarten Class
I went to Kenilworth grade school. I am a proud alumni of Kenilworth Elementary School. Kenilworth is now in the historic area of downtown Phoenix. Let me tell you what I THINK is awesome: my dad also went to Kenilworth. For the first couple years, we (my brothers and I) had a few of the same teachers that taught my dad. I have a lot of  stories about Kenilworth….my first experience was my kindergarten teacher, who was, well, how do I say this respectfully??- Oh... ya can’t- or I choose not to sugar coat it- SHE WAS OLD!—and her name was  Miss SCHMUCKER. That’s right….give kids their very first teacher  a name that you know they won’t be able to pronounce correctly- if ya know what I mean….rhymes with….trucker….
I was telling Boberts the other day that I remember having our towels at school (brought from home) for which we used to take naps. And a memory - of a little glimpse - into how the rest of my life would be. Miss Schmucker (rhymes with… tee hee…) had drawn an octagon shape, on it, the  word STOP. We were suppose to color it, because- well, RED MEANS STOP. What did I do? I colored my stop sign BLUE… Bob says he thinks it’s because I was a rebel at an early age.. I have no comment.

I just cracked myself up…

Miss Digney, cat eye glasses. First Grade
First grade, Miss Digney…had the cat eye glasses and wore the old 50’s type dresses that Beaver Cleaver’s mother would wear on Leave It To Beaver.  Our class window was always open because- back then- there wasn’t air conditioning. **Vivid memory**… the  smell of orange blossoms…to this day, whenever I smell orange blossoms, I am immediately transported back to Miss Digney’s class room where she’d yell at me for hanging out the window to  get a better whiff… lol… I’m not telling stories here- that lady could yell….made me cry on more than several occasions. 

Miss MacKenzie. I loved to sing, but hated  going to this class
So many great stories about/from Kenilworth.  The choir teacher always made me cry too ( No, this ISN'T a pattern- I wasn't necessarily a cry baby). I swear she was some kind of yeller in the military…Miss MacKenzie- she yelled at me and I forgot my name- evil wicked  B!  lol  AND - -I had an 8th grade teacher whom I swear is the original ewok.  BOY  WAS SHE MEAN!!! 

Carnivals, white elephant sales, oh so very much fun. As fond as the many memories I have of Kenilworth, what I feel THE MOST thankful for are the friendships I made. TO THIS day, most of my friends  from grade school are my closest, dearest friends. Kenilworth had quite a few students that went on to be pretty prominent people  in our community and in our country. I won’t name drop, but I will share this…. The people that came from Kenilworth, are the best bunch of people I have had the pleasure to have grown up with…. great people, great friends, great memories...yes, I am truly blessed.

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