Monday, February 11, 2013

Hard To Be Kind When I Am So Very, Very Angry At Rex Reed

I may have some strong words to say here - and it has to do with people that think THEY are perfect. People that think because someone is overweight it is okay to call them horrible names. 

I am speaking of the film critic Rex Reed. Mr. Reed –I ONLY call him “Mr.” because the name that comes to MY mind isn’t printable -- has been described as ‘one of the most prolific movie critics in the country’.  WHY? I don’t know as I am not a movie critic, but, I guess it takes a lot of talent to watch a film and give an opinion (she writes ever so sarcastically). Mr. Reed has written entertainment columns for The New York Observer.
(A side note: The New York Observer should OBSERVE the fact that their film critic is an ass!)

Reed had the nerve to call Melissa McCarthy horrible names because she may be a few pounds overweight. Reed’s description: a tractor-sized, a humongous creep, and a hippo had nothing to do with Melissa's acting.

Rex Reed may have all the qualifications to be a film critic…. he should then critique THE FILM not give his opinion on the personal appearance of- by all accounts- a wonderfully kind, and extremely talented actress.

I don’t know a heck of a lot about Mr. Reed, I gather by everything I read about him he is a gay man. I have no problem with that…but if he is, I would think that he has experienced hate from other people for his sexual orientation. Have you, Mr. Reed not experienced hate from people who don’t understand being gay is not a choice?  What do you call them?

Maybe because he has been around for decades, he feels it’s okay to call talented actresses names. Maybe, just maybe he is jealous of her talent…. I don’t really give a rats ass what his reasons are, I feel he is rude, incredibly insensitive and quite frankly a big dumb jerk~!

I am writing because I get so majorly ticked off when someone - who is way too big for their britches -dumps on someone that has done nothing to them. Melissa has shown nothing but class and Mr. Reed has shown nothing but his ass!

People who have never had a weight problem don’t understand the pain an overweight person endures EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s not as if it’s news to them that they are overweight. Most people that have weight problems beat themselves up daily, they don’t need a pompous jerk to remind them they are seen by some self-righteous a-hole as less than human.   If it were easy to lose the weight, they would!  We would all be the same size. Sometimes there are extreme medical problems, sometimes it’s genetics, sometimes people are just predisposed to being just the way they are. We are still human - with feelings - and we don’t need some idiot to call us names. It’s childish, ridiculous, uncalled for and just mean!

Mr. Reed looks as if he has never had a weight problem…that’s a good thing for him, because if he had a weight problem, if he were gay, if he was showing his negative side (as he has with his rude comments) boy, what kind a hate magnet for people that need no reason to hate would he be?

THINK ABOUT THAT Mr. Reed. Film Critic you may be…..decent? Nope, not by a long shot!


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